After getting in touch with the hotel where my parents were, only to find out that they weren’t there anymore, I was starting to flip out then just got this email from my brother in CA:

Hi Sis: Our parents have been found!!! Hooray!!! Just a bit shaken up.

They left on Tuesday and made to the house in Picayune. MS. They house made it
with just a few broken dishes. They stayed there ’til today and called
Raquel using the neighbor’s phone. They just got their power restored.
They are heading to Tampa as we speak to stay with you. So you better get
the place ready. They will probably call us and update us with their
whereabouts when they stop to rest. I will keep you updated of course. I
don’t think they are fully aware of the damage NOLA sustained. I just hope
they take it lightly.

Thank God!

I’ve also heard that the American Can Company was fully evacuated so I know Rudy is on his way to safety. But now I’ve found out that my ballet teacher, Gayle, stayed in Uptown New Orleans.

There is a long road ahead, but I’m so relieved right now.

And this Tuesday, September 6, is my 30th birthday and my father’s 62nd. What a present this year!

6 thoughts on “FINALLY!!!

  1. Oh, Daisy, thank God. Indeed, it will be a blessed birthday. Cherish each other. Much love and prayers.
    Katie, Boston

  2. hey daisy
    THank God, Roy and I were praying for your parents. what a relief. And its my Birthday on the 10th, so i guess we have to look at our present being life. Not just ours but of all our loved ones. We’re still breathing.
    Love Matthew

  3. Daisy, I am so glad to hear that your parents are okay. I’ve been so wanting to call or email you to ask, but I suspected that you were being inundated with such messages and that can be exhausting. We love you and hope to see you soon. Happy 30th birthday!

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