scary updates from NOLA

Pasting in various emails I’ve received. Please keep everyone in your prayers.

Rudy called me this morning. They are all OK. Red Cross is supposed to get them out this morning. Thank God. I don’t think they have a real picture of what’s going on in the city. I told them to be careful because serious looting and pandemonium.

I have been trying for days to get a hold of Julie J. in New Orleans. She and her family have been trapped at the Ritz on Canal Street. I was able to get through to the hotel last night but because of obvious power issues, they couldn’t put me through to her room without a room number. I left a message for her that was to be put on a large bulletin board in the lobby of the hotel.
I received a very distressing phone call from Julie tonight. Sadly, I was with a client and missed her call. Jules sounded absolutely terrified. Her voice was shaky and I could tell she was under a huge amount of stress and had extreme anxiety. She and her family were still trapped at the hotel. Most of the employees had been evacuated. She said there were about 100 people left in the hotel and that they were trying to stick together for safety reasons. She said they tried to leave today but couldn’t. They are trying to get a bus, but that has been nearly impossible. Julie said her car is there at the hotel but the concern with that is the crime is unbelievable. She said if they take her car they would need to have a police escort out of town because the looters/criminals are carjacking EVERYONE in a car trying to get out of the city. I can’t imagine the horror. She said it is very, very hot and that she’s been sitting around with her shirt off. She is exhausted. At the end of her message she told me she loved me. I truly think she thinks they might not make it out of there.

Ironically, Rudy is a concierge at the Ritz and almost stayed there. Whenever and however they get him and his parents to Houston he’ll be OK because his sister lives there, but who knows how long that will take especially because of the renegade busses and people shooting at the military helicopters trying to land.

I know people are feeling desperate but what the hell? Guns scare me so much and knowing that gangs of armed men are running around NOLA like they own it is horrifying.

I’m at work again today and have a class tonight but already had a mini-breakdown here. Only thing to stop me from crying was the phone–hearing from Jeremy H who is en route to Minnesota, Kristi who is in Shreveport, and the email from Sarah in Oakdale, LA.

Taking tomorrow-Tuesday off and hope to have a better outlook on things then. Will keep updating the blog too. Til then.

P.S. Thanks to all who have left comments and to Clancy’s post with some good links to info.

UPDATE: Spoke to Lara G today and she’s ok in St. Francisville. The movie starts filming again next week and she has the hotel room through then but isn’t sure where she will go after that. All of the theatre folk seem to have made it to Houston, but we’re still worried about those we can’t get in touch with that stayed in the city.

Leaving work in a few minutes but wanted to keep track of this link for future reference, especially since it is right up JW’s alley.

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  1. I have a friend in Jackson, MS and talked to her on the phone earlier today. I was worried about her, especially because they live in a mobile home. She and her family are fine (just got their power turned back on), but they can’t go to work, and really can’t go anywhere actually for fear that they’ll be stranded somewhere if they run out of gas. They have plenty of groceries, and my friend said they’re not going anywhere if they can avoid it.

  2. Hey Daisy
    Roy and I are fine, we are thinking of coming to Orlando to live for a while, Karen Hebert, is going to be there and knows people to help us get jobs. We’ll keep you updated. I
    Im sure your parents are fine, the phones are just rediculous right now, if you want to talk to us you can get in touch with us…
    Love ya

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