Still no word

Due to the cell phone signals being out of whack, I’ve yet to hear from my parents since yesterday when they were in Laurel, MS. 🙁

I did just get an email from a friend who made it up to Shreveport, LA, and I spoke to other friends in Baton Rouge this afternoon. No one has power and the government officials are telling people not to return to NOLA for at least a week. Word is power might not be back to everyone for up to 2 months?!?

Honestly, I’ve avoided watching the news coverage for much of today and can only predict that when I do start hearing from friends that the details of the damage will be horrifying.

I”m trying to distract myself with the semester having started today and spent much of tonight writing a letter of support for JI and then an abstract for my blog article. After I run it past JW, I will post it here for your feedback.

Need some sleep.
More tomorrow.

One thought on “Still no word

  1. just a short note … my parents live in Jackson and have no power or phone service … it goes in and out … gas lines up to 5 hrs … my grandmother lives in Laurel … no word yet … i did hear that winds were at 100-115 … early reports and i mean early siad that Laurel PD had six deaths due to high wind …. have a relative who is trying to drive to laurel … been over 4 hrs and no word but phones are not working

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