It keeps getting worse

I’ve tried again to stay away from news reports but the news of levees breaking near my parent’s house and my childhood home have me dizzy with depair, literally. I’ve been editing reports in a daze and trying to contact people on the phone but just want to go home.

All I can do now is refresh this page every few minutes.

5 thoughts on “It keeps getting worse

  1. Hi phDaisy, I am a mom of teen kids. Just wanted you to know my prayers are with you and coming from a mom’s point of view, STAY PUT and they will contact you!! If you need an easy number for the to reach you at I will help you out. Say lots of prayers and TRY (I realize easier said than done)to be positive. They are thinking of you also.

  2. I can’t imagine … my mom’s attic caught fire once and she yelled at me because I broke down in tears. PLACE means a lot to me. Not as much as human life but it’s roots, man… it’s roots.

    Like I said, my prayers are with you.

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