I’m really scared about this hurricane. All my closest friends have called to talk of their evacuation plans, but I can’t get in touch with my parents. 🙁

I spoke to them last night and no one answers at the house now, so at least I know they’re on the road somewhere, but I wish I knew where! We have a place in Mississippi too but I doubt that’s all together safe. I want them to drive to Tampa but I think they headed north. Hopefully the cellphone signals get better.

And on a lighter note, here is a quote from the local New Orleans coverage:

“I’ll be here tomorrow, I’m not leaving,” said trombonist Eddie “Doc” Lewis. “I’ve been through typhoons, monsoons, tornadoes, hurricanes and every other phoon, soon or storm. I’m not worried.”

5 thoughts on “Katrina

  1. One of my customers came in the likker store yesterday and told me that he has people down in Mississippi that he hadn’t been able to get hold of… he didn’t know where they were…
    Today I saw him again and I asked him if he’d heard from his people. “Yes,” he said,
    “they are all accounted for.” He said that a couple of his nephews are in an area that is being evac’d, but they are alright. I’m happy that he has heard that his kinsmen and women are all accounted for. He is a nice gentleman and I enjoy talking with him when he comes in. He is a nephew of the late Muddy Waters.

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