Another Saturday Night

and I’m cleaning instead of writing. But I had to work this morn, so I figure my coming home to watch some Remington Steele and Law and Order should fall under the heading, “through subsequent investigative efforts…”

Not much else to report here, but I hope to be able to say I made progress on the publication after tomorrow’s writing efforts.

Broken Flowers still isn’t here but at least the Penguins seem to be gaining popularity so it looks like I will get to see it with my AC afterall. Been waiting for it ever since we saw Mad Hot Ballroom in IL.

Off to vacuum the apt. Hope that doesn’t bother the anaconda’s sleep or whatever it is that he does in his tank. I’m getting kind of used to having a snake looking and sticking his tongue out at me. Who’d a thunk it??? I’ll take pics of him when AC gets back just so you see “my pet” for the past couple weeks.


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