playing with paste

Since my VAIO is still without Internet at home, I’m taking a quick break from editing reports to use the PC at work to see if I can paste writing from a Word document that includes hyperlinks without having to re-insert the links:

Maura Keany blogs at Democracy for Virginia and on Daily Kos, and I close with an except from one of her posts to prove the ethical dilemmas that result from transparent nature of the blogosphere, a topic with great research potential:

To me, blogging is unique because it is a conversation as much as it is a publication. The fact that my readers can fact-check the piece themselves, using the primary sources that I link to upon which I based my concerns, the fact that they can write back and offer feedback, the fact that other blogs link to the story and do additive research on it, all make blogging a unique kind of conversation.

OK I can see that the links didn’t appear, so I’ll come back later and edit. Damn!

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