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Didn’t get as much writing done today as I would have liked but think I’m in a good place. Draft isn’t even due til end of August but I’m hoping the bulk of it is done in the next week and a half or so because I need to start preparing for the Fall semester.

Here are my 2 finds for the day: a must-have accessory for the Powerbook thanks to Rhetoric and Democracy and a blogging bib from Torill.

And have you ever read up on a topic and felt like everything good has already been said? That’s me right now with all of Jill/txt’s publications, so let’s hope I can pull out some of the ol’ doctor daisy dazzle to add.

Will sound silly, especially because there was no reason for me not to be blogging before, other than being down, but I’m so happy to be back on the scene and metablogging! I doubt I can sneak in posts from the new corporate gig, but we’ll see.

Oh! And speaking of the new gig, I’ve been meaning to post this, because it dawned on me when I purchased the 1st season of Remington Steele on dvd [don’t laugh!]: I think I was always meant to edit surveillance reports! All of my favorite shows and films feature private investigators but I never made that connection until I started working for FADV. I had always considered myself the musicals and romantic comedy type but here I am with a CSI addiction and looking for all of my old Encyclopedia Brown books! 🙂

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