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So I’m trying to draft an article on blogs for publication in an upcoming volume on Digital Tools and Composition Studies, and the fact that I’ve currently got half a dozen blogs is freaking me out! Talk about heteroglossia…But so far I feel good about what I’ve written. Plan on getting another 5 + pages out tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Have heard that’s content has been saved, but even so, I want this space to have a more complete look to it. Cross-posting everything from my blog-city space, my linking literacy Blogger space, my MSN Spaces space (teehee) and even my Friendster space is the plan…However, when I tried pasting in stuff from a Word document here into Word Press, the links didn’t carry over. Again, it might be a Mac thing or maybe a Word Press thing, but I will figure it out. Anyone have any ideas?

As of now, I’m living vicariously through other bloggers like Mike, Clancy, Preston, jill/txt, Dennis, and Julie, just to name a few. Oh and Kaye has some interesting stats on Iranian bloggers, which reminded me of the notes I took when hearing Hoder speak last December. Once I get a unified blog set up, I’ll add those notes too–finally!

Oh, and on a less academic note, I did I mention I am babysitting an anaconda? More on that later! But if you read this and are in NOLA, don’t you dare tell my mother!

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  1. Yeah I didn’t make it to 5 new pages today but I think I’ve been pacing things out pretty well. By the time the editor gets it, I don’t think I’ll have to change much. Need to brush up on some comp theory though, but thanks to the Fulkerson piece in CCC this past issue, I’ve got an overview as well as some other current sources to work with. More updates soon!

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