Foxy Lady Blogger

Once again, my fellow bloggers have saved the day and gotten me back blogging and linking as much as I wanna from my Mac. I figured Firefox would be the solution but last time I tried it with Blogger and blog-city it still acted strange. Oh well! Here we go!

As for an update, today we started in a new office building and I really like it. I’ve cut my commute in half and even felt more productive as an editor today. Tomorrow will be busy with AC flying in and spending a whirlwind 24 hours in town before heading to Korea, but I will savor every minute!

So to make sure a link gets in here, go to the official website [then proceed to Blockbuster to rent] for A Love Song for Bobby Long, a great film made in NOLA that barely made it to the theatres even though it stars Scarlett J and John Travolta and my friend Dane R!

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