Up on a rooftop…

Got a surprise call this morning from my friend Rudy who was the only of my friends to stay in NOLA. He was on the roof of the American Can Company apartment building where he lives. He was only up there so he could get better cell phone reception. I couldn’t believe he got through to my phone! He said that he and his parents are fine and they have enough water and food for 4 days. He could see all the water surrounding the Mid-City area and some minor fires, but he actually sounded in good spirits. They’re listening to the radio for reports and he knew more than I did! I called his friend Kristi to let her know and so she could call his sisters.

I’ve also received emails from a few other friends who evacuated and spoke to my friend Lara’s mother last night in St. Francisville, LA. Lara had been there all last week filming a movie with Hillary Swank, so thankfully the production crew has the hotel rooms reserved for another week or so, but who knows where they will go after that. Poor girl. They’re house randomly burned down several years ago so this is the 2nd major loss for them.

I just can’t fathom all of this yet. If you have ever met me, you know within an hour’s conversation that I am a New Orleans girl and how much I love that city. To see it slipping away hurts so badly. I was to go there this weekend to celebrate my 30th birthday and to see friends I hadn’t seen in months, even years. Now who knows when I will get to see them. My AC will never get to see the NOLA I knew, and I had such plans for us to go to the Carousel Bar and tons of other places that I’m sure are now submerged in water and totally destroyed.

I’m trying again to distract myself with work, but to hear of the looting makes me so angry that I want to spit, kick and scratch. This scares me the most:

The New Orleans Times-Picayune reports today that a Wal-Mart in the Lower Garden District was looted, and the entire gun collection was taken.

And still no word from my parents.


It keeps getting worse

I’ve tried again to stay away from news reports but the news of levees breaking near my parent’s house and my childhood home have me dizzy with depair, literally. I’ve been editing reports in a daze and trying to contact people on the phone but just want to go home.

All I can do now is refresh this page every few minutes.


Hurricane Blogs

Forgot to mention that I have been reading some of these blogs:

The Weather Channel blog
Miles O’Brien’s hurricane blog

I’m also quite interested in the Citizen Journalist section at CNN where
By submitting your videos/photos/audio, for good and valuable consideration, the sufficiency and receipt of which you hereby acknowledge, you hereby grant to CNN a non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide license to edit, telecast, rerun, reproduce, use, syndicate, license, print, distribute and otherwise exploit the materials you submit, or any portion thereof, as incorporated in any of CNN’s programming or the promotion thereof, in any manner and in any medium or forum, whether now known or hereafter devised, without making payment to you or any third party.


This ain’t OhMyNews, folks! Speaking of, go read this lovely article [under the map and written yesterday before the storm hit] that captures the essence of the Big Easy.


Still no word

Due to the cell phone signals being out of whack, I’ve yet to hear from my parents since yesterday when they were in Laurel, MS. 🙁

I did just get an email from a friend who made it up to Shreveport, LA, and I spoke to other friends in Baton Rouge this afternoon. No one has power and the government officials are telling people not to return to NOLA for at least a week. Word is power might not be back to everyone for up to 2 months?!?

Honestly, I’ve avoided watching the news coverage for much of today and can only predict that when I do start hearing from friends that the details of the damage will be horrifying.

I”m trying to distract myself with the semester having started today and spent much of tonight writing a letter of support for JI and then an abstract for my blog article. After I run it past JW, I will post it here for your feedback.

Need some sleep.
More tomorrow.


Hurricane Update

I’m at work but in a daze. Can’t get through to anyone, for obvious reasons, but hoping that the storm’s worst has passed my city. CNN’s reports are scary and I’m trying not to read much, but here’s one article that talks about the worst of the water damage, with more sure to follow.

Got in touch with the parents last night and they were in Mississippi, but I hope that they continued to drive today.

Thanks to all who have left comments. I’m a mess. I was supposed to be going home for Labor Day weekend and my 30th birthday, but it looks like I’ll be staying in FL instead. Everyone’s concern and support has been wonderful, I can’t tell you how much I need it. I have no idea what my parents will return to but I know it can’t be as bad as some of the other historic areas and the 9th ward where I went to high school.

More later.



I’m really scared about this hurricane. All my closest friends have called to talk of their evacuation plans, but I can’t get in touch with my parents. 🙁

I spoke to them last night and no one answers at the house now, so at least I know they’re on the road somewhere, but I wish I knew where! We have a place in Mississippi too but I doubt that’s all together safe. I want them to drive to Tampa but I think they headed north. Hopefully the cellphone signals get better.

And on a lighter note, here is a quote from the local New Orleans coverage:

“I’ll be here tomorrow, I’m not leaving,” said trombonist Eddie “Doc” Lewis. “I’ve been through typhoons, monsoons, tornadoes, hurricanes and every other phoon, soon or storm. I’m not worried.”


Directed Study

Got the word from JW today that we’ll be doing a directed study this Fall. I am so excited! The central focus will be the idea of community in online spaces and I can’t wait to start reading. The new job has kept me busy and distracted from academic things, but frankly, I feel like I needed that break to make me excited about it again. Things in my dept. are still a little hairy, but now that I’m not there as much, I can just focus on finishing my course work, taking comps next Fall and then moving on to the dissertation. As long as it’s all done before the 2008 election, I’ll be a happy girl!


Franz Ferdinand

Have never really explored, have been a Friendster kind of gal, but looks like there is a page there for Franz Ferdinand fans. Go here to listen to the new single. I cannot wait to see the MTV taping I went to at Hard Rock last month! That concert was so good!

AC is back in town which makes me very happy. Have a busy few days ahead but still plan on writing/metablogging on Sunday as I have been the past few weeks. Mind the blog, folks!


Another Saturday Night

and I’m cleaning instead of writing. But I had to work this morn, so I figure my coming home to watch some Remington Steele and Law and Order should fall under the heading, “through subsequent investigative efforts…”

Not much else to report here, but I hope to be able to say I made progress on the publication after tomorrow’s writing efforts.

Broken Flowers still isn’t here but at least the Penguins seem to be gaining popularity so it looks like I will get to see it with my AC afterall. Been waiting for it ever since we saw Mad Hot Ballroom in IL.

Off to vacuum the apt. Hope that doesn’t bother the anaconda’s sleep or whatever it is that he does in his tank. I’m getting kind of used to having a snake looking and sticking his tongue out at me. Who’d a thunk it??? I’ll take pics of him when AC gets back just so you see “my pet” for the past couple weeks.



playing with paste

Since my VAIO is still without Internet at home, I’m taking a quick break from editing reports to use the PC at work to see if I can paste writing from a Word document that includes hyperlinks without having to re-insert the links:

Maura Keany blogs at Democracy for Virginia and on Daily Kos, and I close with an except from one of her posts to prove the ethical dilemmas that result from transparent nature of the blogosphere, a topic with great research potential:

To me, blogging is unique because it is a conversation as much as it is a publication. The fact that my readers can fact-check the piece themselves, using the primary sources that I link to upon which I based my concerns, the fact that they can write back and offer feedback, the fact that other blogs link to the story and do additive research on it, all make blogging a unique kind of conversation.

OK I can see that the links didn’t appear, so I’ll come back later and edit. Damn!


Peter Jennings

I can’t let today go without posting a link to the Washington Post obituary for Peter Jennings. He was always mother’s favorite as she had the pleasure of meeting him at a United Nations dinner over 30 years ago. I just talked to her on the phone and she was still gushing over how handsome he was and the nicest and most genuine person she’d ever met from that circle.
I don’t know where I’ve been–I had no idea he had even gone public with his illness in April or that he wasn’t even on the air any more. So when I heard this news late last night, I was deeply saddened. I happened to find a retrospective on ABC minutes later which is available here.


tracking devices

Thanks to Mike for his comment on ethics and surveillance–I’ve only skimmed it because I need to get to bed, but felt I should make the connection between it and seeing The Island tonight. Ever since I started the new job, I’ve felt a bit more “tracked” and “branded” myself. Not quite the cloning conspiracy from the film, but it certainly made me think about the scientific possibilites out there.
What I actually edit, for those of you interested, are the surveillance reports of investigators who have been hired to check on those claimants filing workman’s compensation claims. It can be pretty interesting stuff to read, particularly on days when we get a lot of incriminating video! The points of Christopher Carter that Mike summarized in his post seem most comparable to my ideas of/recent experiences with corporate surveillance, but let me sleep on it, read a little more, and then make more of a statement then.


finds for the day

Didn’t get as much writing done today as I would have liked but think I’m in a good place. Draft isn’t even due til end of August but I’m hoping the bulk of it is done in the next week and a half or so because I need to start preparing for the Fall semester.

Here are my 2 finds for the day: a must-have accessory for the Powerbook thanks to Rhetoric and Democracy and a blogging bib from Torill.

And have you ever read up on a topic and felt like everything good has already been said? That’s me right now with all of Jill/txt’s publications, so let’s hope I can pull out some of the ol’ doctor daisy dazzle to add.

Will sound silly, especially because there was no reason for me not to be blogging before, other than being down, but I’m so happy to be back on the scene and metablogging! I doubt I can sneak in posts from the new corporate gig, but we’ll see.

Oh! And speaking of the new gig, I’ve been meaning to post this, because it dawned on me when I purchased the 1st season of Remington Steele on dvd [don’t laugh!]: I think I was always meant to edit surveillance reports! All of my favorite shows and films feature private investigators but I never made that connection until I started working for FADV. I had always considered myself the musicals and romantic comedy type but here I am with a CSI addiction and looking for all of my old Encyclopedia Brown books! 🙂


Blogs on the brain

So I’m trying to draft an article on blogs for publication in an upcoming volume on Digital Tools and Composition Studies, and the fact that I’ve currently got half a dozen blogs is freaking me out! Talk about heteroglossia…But so far I feel good about what I’ve written. Plan on getting another 5 + pages out tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Have heard that’s content has been saved, but even so, I want this space to have a more complete look to it. Cross-posting everything from my blog-city space, my linking literacy Blogger space, my MSN Spaces space (teehee) and even my Friendster space is the plan…However, when I tried pasting in stuff from a Word document here into Word Press, the links didn’t carry over. Again, it might be a Mac thing or maybe a Word Press thing, but I will figure it out. Anyone have any ideas?

As of now, I’m living vicariously through other bloggers like Mike, Clancy, Preston, jill/txt, Dennis, and Julie, just to name a few. Oh and Kaye has some interesting stats on Iranian bloggers, which reminded me of the notes I took when hearing Hoder speak last December. Once I get a unified blog set up, I’ll add those notes too–finally!

Oh, and on a less academic note, I did I mention I am babysitting an anaconda? More on that later! But if you read this and are in NOLA, don’t you dare tell my mother!


Foxy Lady Blogger

Once again, my fellow bloggers have saved the day and gotten me back blogging and linking as much as I wanna from my Mac. I figured Firefox would be the solution but last time I tried it with Blogger and blog-city it still acted strange. Oh well! Here we go!

As for an update, today we started in a new office building and I really like it. I’ve cut my commute in half and even felt more productive as an editor today. Tomorrow will be busy with AC flying in and spending a whirlwind 24 hours in town before heading to Korea, but I will savor every minute!

So to make sure a link gets in here, go to the official website [then proceed to Blockbuster to rent] for A Love Song for Bobby Long, a great film made in NOLA that barely made it to the theatres even though it stars Scarlett J and John Travolta and my friend Dane R!