Mac madness

With no cable modem working on my Sony VAIO and with a new blog to play with, I thought I would take what I’ve salvaged from writingblog.org and re-post it here. Unfortunately, this WordPress site is like the rest with my Powerbook and won’t give me a formatting palette to work with–>no links. And with no links, what the hell is the point?!?!?!?!

More later if I figure something out or just plain blog from the FADV computers…

3 thoughts on “Mac madness

  1. There’s a known bug in Safari that prevents the Quicktags buttons from working properly. Since the WordPress developers can’t fix the error in Safari, they’ve decided to disable Quicktags for Safari users.

    The alternatives are either to use a different browser or learn enough HTML to create the links yourself. (I do both—while I use Firefox, I also hand-code the HTML rather than use Quicktags.)

  2. Hey! How’s it going? I see that you’ve been switching platforms and sites and stuff. Yeah, just learn the html code to do the links. I was using WordPress for a little bit, but I’ve moved again — both my residence and my blog residence — and I’m using TextPattern. So far — it’s been 2 days? — I like it. I also use Firefox and don’t have probs. Keep in touch!

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